Star Wars DIY canvas

I’m so happy with the way these turned out.

(Star Wars fans out there, I’m sure you’d love these)

Sometimes, making a gift for someone is much more rewarding. You know how much time and effort you’ve put in.

If you’d like to make your own, let me know in the comments section and I’ll do a little tutorial.





DIY Washi Tape Reindeer Head


Thursday’s are always late nights in our house (Guitar Lessons). So to occupy my evening with Christmas cheer, I stumbled upon this fantastically easy tutorial by one of my all time FAVORITE DIYers Β – Threadbangers!!!! (If you don’t know who they are yet, CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT NOW).


This has got to be One of the easiest DIY’s I’ve Ever done. It took 15 minutes and all you need is some Festive Washi tape and Scissors (the red nose I had left over from a few years ago).

That simple.




Go forth and adorn your houses,(rooms, cars, doors) EVERYTHING!!!


Christmas ornaments – DIY


Courtesy of

Can’t wait to try this awesome idea out. Crafting just got a whole lot better with my new wood burning tool from my dad.

Hello, wooden DIY ornaments.

Stay tuned – Tutorial to follow!!!


DIY – Water Coloured Mugs

My cool friend, Claudia, sent me this link around Christmas and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since. Amazing, right? It’s a craze that has taken the internet, one mug at a time.

If you have nail polish (or ‘find’ some lying around the house;), if you spot a white mug that looks like he needs a little cheering up, if it’s a sleepy Sunday and you just want something to do then TRY THIS. If nothing else, it’s FUN.

(I liked this tutorial the best, but of course there are dozens of them on

My obsession with creating things is nearly as outrageous as my crazy craft hoard in the spare room. From ribbons to material to feathers found on the beach to dried flowers (from nearly 10 years ago). So of course I had a plain white mug in there. I also found teacups and saucers that I had thrifted from a charity shop before our wedding and thought I’d give them a go too.

Just a few tips if you do try this:

  1. It can get a little messy, so make sure you have nail polish remover. (It helps if you’re clumsy like me)
  2. Work fast. Once the nail polish is in the water, it dries quite quickly (I learnt through trial and error)
  3. Metallic Nail Polish = not so good. I tried it and it was the fasted drying and impossibly sticky
  4. Do one Mug/teacup at a time.
  5. Open the windows
  6. Have β™₯FUNβ™₯

Teacup 7 wm

Close up of water mug wmMug coloured wmColoured mug wmwm mugWater wmMug wm Β Β Toothpicks wmItems needed wm-001Nail polish wm-001Nail polish in water wm

mistake wm
Mistakes happen and using more than one colour can be difficult. I’d recommend using one colour to start off with.

Teacup 2 wm

Teacup 1wmTeacup 3 wmTeacup 4 wmTeacup 5 wmTeacup 6 wm

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to see your creations.


Woven Felt Heart Coasters

A couple of months back I went looking for an easy DIY for coasters and because I had a wad of brightly coloured felt, I thought I’d look for something to make using that.

I came across these really sweet Woven Felt Heart Baskets on and thought they’d make cute coasters.

She does a pretty good demo of how to make them –

If you’re making Coasters opposed to Hanging baskets use a hot glue gun to glue the edges together.

DSC_0019-001DSC_0031 Β Β DSC_0044 Β  DSC_0024-001DSC_0023-001

Β DSC_0022-001DSC_0021-001 Β DSC_0053


Et VoilΓ …


Homemade Birthday Card Tutorial

Do you have a slight obsession with collecting paper or card or just shiny objects in general? Is your house overflowing with assortments of glue and glitter? Look, around… are there piles of crafty things you just had to have but haven’t gotten round to using? It’s true, isn’t it, you could probably start your own craft store…

Well if so, fear not.. I’m exactly the same, it’s a terrible affliction. But Spring has sprung up all around and I thought, ‘what better time to start creating’, that and I much prefer making my own everything. So here goes:

My beautiful friend, Janice, became an Aunt for the first time a couple of weeks ago to a very handsome little boy, so instead of buying a card I made one. I always think something handcrafted is going to be appreciated a lot more (well I’d hope).Β And that’s really how this post came into being..

2015-03-17 15.29.15

Below is a step-by-step guide to how I recreated the card above into a Birthday Card. I’ve included a PDFΒ Final TemplateΒ that you can print out and use. This is what it looks like:


Now to start off you’ll just need a few things:

What you'll need

Of course, if there are things on here that you don’t have, just substitute. Great thing about crafting is that you can use Whatever you have lying around. So if you don’t have a heart punch or paint swatches like I have, just use the ombre hearts I’ve included in the PDF.

Also use any cardstock you have lying around, the pack I have I found in Lidl, cheap and cheerful paper does the trick. With your base card, make sure you’re using something sturdy enough that will hold the weight of whatever you’re applying to the front. The last thing you want is a flimsy card.

Making of the card 1
When you’re cutting out your background paper (the pink checkered one I’ve used), make it a centimeter or so less than your card. I’ve then secured it with double sided tape.

The next step is to print your template (PDF above) and follow the steps below:

When securing the hippo to the card, I used the Pritt Glue dots. Again, use what you have. I just used these to give height.
Making of hearts
For the hearts I’ve used double sided tape to secure the embroidery cotton onto to the backs and to attach to the card. Cut your cotton at different lengths for a better effect.
Because the Hippo’s head hasn’t been glued down completely, I was able to wedge the string under the head and again secure with a piece of double sided tape. You’ll notice I haven’t used Pritt stick or any type of Glue stick as I find that it warps the paper too much, making it lose it’s firmness.
Cut out the ‘Happy Birthday’ sign and attach wherever suits.


And there you have it… a fun way to spend an hour on a lazy Sunday… or any day really.. who are we to make crafting a once a week thing.. Happy crafting and have fun x