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I am a first-time wife (imagine being married to your best and worst friend), full-time foodie (I bake when I need to think, that must be why we always have cake), an all-time dreamer of magical lands and shores across narrow seas, a ‘some-time(s)’ cleaner (don’t listen to them. I’m totally not OCD I just like things clean and tidy and in their own space. I’m cool like that), a most-times procrastinator (it’s in my blood, I really can’t fight it), and a part-time DIY-er, oh no, that’s all the time.

It’s just a year later and our first home together is a little cottage on the emerald green banks of West Cork, Ireland.

He’s the musician and I’m clearly not.

But, together we, photograph, film, build, plant, cook, argue, travel, eat, Argue some more, and most importantly Laugh.

I want to share Recipes and DIY’s, Photograph’s and Inspiration – things that make me happy and I hope will make you happy too.

Cos let’s face it;

Happiness is best shared


‘The most wasted of all days is one without Laughter’ -e.e. Cummings


And in case that isn’t enough information about me:

  • I LOVE food (I mean hungry me is literally the snickers ad)

  • I bake a lot

  • I say ‘Jeez Louise’ all the time (apologies for that, it is contagious)

  • I’m one of those annoying Diagonal walkers

  • I’ve found the theme-tune to my life, here you go:



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’d love to get in touch re: wedding photography. I believe you tried emailing me but it didn’t go through.

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