Ireland’s Christmas Markets

Looking for something to do, something good to eat?

Are you sick of ‘Desmond’ tying you down (literally)?

Have you got kids, nieces, nephews, or are you the biggest kid in your life?

Want to just soak up some of that Festive Cheer (Yes, there is Mulled wine)?

Then visit a Christmas Market near you. There is literally something for everyone. Ok, maybe not the dog, Oh wait, Yes, him too..

And, you’re in luck! have kindly put together this amazing list of the best Christmas markets to visit in Ireland. You’ve got everything from websites to opening hours.

Ireland’s 13 Best Christmas Markets & Fairs 2015

A curated selection spreading that all important Christmas cheer.


Want to read about our trip to the Galway Christmas Market …

Then stay tuned….

♥To be cont→


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