To me, writing is cathartic, sharing personal writing, or writing in general, is like opening up your soul, it’s pretty daunting.
This is just a little extract from something I’ve been working on…

‘RUBY! Oh Ruby, you know you shouldn’t wonder like this. Look at your feet, they’re blacker than coal.’ ‘What will your Mother say?’ chided Mrs Chatterly in her disapproving voice.

Ruby’s ears pricked at this. A smile flickered across her face as she crept deeper into the shadows of the walnut trees. The cool patches of grass tickled her bare feet. She stood still for a moment, stretching out her arms to their full length, feeling the muscles sing with tension. Her fingers danced in the streams of light that filtered through the thick branches above her. She twirled her body, like a spinning top, faster and faster until the trees melded into one canvas of green and black. She waited for that brief feeling of lightness, just between standing and falling, that moment of unrestrained freedom. Blackness.


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