Indulgent Walnut & Banana Bread


Sometimes, you’ll find a large bowl ofย overripe fruit glaring at you from the kitchen counter. With that guilt inducing look that gets you feeling that, ‘if you don’t eat them ALL right now, you’ll have to bin em, and can you imagine all those hungry children, because of you??’ Oh the shame is too much. So, what do you do? Panic? Gouge yourself on five very overripe, pungent Bananas? No… (well you could, but…mmm..NO)! Make something. It’s fun, rewarding and makes your belly happy ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve never actually used any of Donal Skehan’s recipes but found this one for Banana Bread, and thought ‘mmm, I like me some easy baking’. So here it is…

For the full recipe, follow the link below:

Overripe bananas are the Best for baking. Once they start developing the black spots on the skin they get sweeter and more flavorsome and also very mushy.
I have a problem – I can’t stick to recipe. So I’ve added chopped walnuts, a few slices of Banana and a drizzle of honey to the top. Make sure to cover with tin foil halfway through cooking as it will burn.ย ย 
The dulcet tones of sweet banana, whipped through a creamy vanilla infused batter with little jewels of chopped walnuts… So indulgent, but so tasty…
I’ve used a handful of nuts. Once chopped up, half went into the batter and the other half, sprinkled on top before baking.
The burnt edges are from the honey I drizzled on top. Oh well, still tastes pretty good.

I made the mistake of overfilling my loaf tin so had to increase my baking time. It definitely took me longer than 50 min. I think it was more like 1 hr 20 min in total. But I had to keep checking it.

Other than that, it worked out so yummy that there was a big slice missing this morning, in which case it was either the cats had learnt to use a knife OR my husband had a little munch after his gig… (Yeah, I’m going with the cats, it’s more likely)!!!

Happiness is Comfort food on a rainy day. Thank you, Donal Skehan.

โ™ฅENJOYย โ™ฅ


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