I’m Back….


I’ve taken a pretty long break from writing, (is it just me or has this officially been the busiest Summer which has just flown by??)

But here goes the catch up…

I’ve got photographs and crafts and yummy recipes coming out my ears that I just can’t wait to share.

I really do hope that everyone’s had a great summer or winter (despite the weather on both counts). 3

Just as a side note, without dampening too many spirits, If you’ve seen the news, then you’ve unfortunately seen the awful photographs of all those people just looking for a way out, to be safe and free. The world has become this terrible place but if we share just a little bit of love; donate old clothes or some money, maybe sign a petition, anything you can, regardless how small, could potentially save a life..

You can donate to UNICEF by texting child to 50300.


Let’s share the love and pass it forward…




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