Almond Milk

My first attempt at making my own Almond Milk was a bit of a learning curve. Hence the delay in this post. I hope this in depth account of how to make it, slightly makes up for my absence. πŸ™‚2015-07-28 09.33.48


  1. Do Not leave your almonds to soak for over two days. If you see the water turning a gooey opaque it’s probably because they’re going sour. I found that refrigerating the soaking almonds works wonders.
  2. The milk will only last (at a push) for two days in the fridge. So try to make just what you need. No one likes throwing stuff out, especially after you’ve put so much effort into it.
  3. The milk will separate when left to stand, do Not freak out, just give it a little mix. πŸ™‚
  4. Try to get muslin or cheesecloth – or if you’re like me and like to just find something around the house use a handkerchief (possibly a new one :O) or an unused tea towel will work.
  5. For 1 cup of soaked almonds I used a cup of cold water which gives a creamy yet fluid consistency.
  6. Make sure to wash your soaked almonds thoroughly.


  • Almonds – Β +/-€1.86
  • Being able to control the use of ingredients and sweeteners – Priceless



Place 1 cup of your soaked almonds into your blender with a cup of cold water.

Β 4

Blend until the nuts have broken down considerably. (I blended on high for about 2 minutes with a 600W blender)


Next, I placed my clean hankie (you can use cheesecloth or muslin) into a deep bowl. It makes pouring the mixture easier.

Β 6

Once you’ve place your mixture into the material, grab the four corners and pinch as close to the almond meal as possible and then you just need to squeeze as much liquid out as possible.


8 And this is the what’s left.

Now you can flatten this out in an oven tray and dry in a low oven (keep an eye on it, it may burn and no I don’t know that from experience..Obviously :P) Alternatively, place in a dry pan on low heat and keep mixing it around and it should dry in 15/20 minutes (a bit more time consuming but I preferred the result ). Once it’s dried out and slightly toasted you can use a coffee grinder like I did and pulverize it into a flour. Just be aware that the coffee grinder will be super hard to clean out then. 😦

You can use this almond flour in a load of things. I’ve started adding it to my cupcakes.

This was the result of One cup of soaked almonds

And TAH-DAH!!!

Two cups of nuts


And that’s my cup of coffee with a dash of freshly made Almond Milk. Yay me



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