Stage 1 – Kitten soft

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you” – John Bunyan

It was on one of those really cold and bleak October days that we brought home the most defenseless creature I have ever laid eyes on. I looked into a face that was frightened by every sound and smell. Her ears would prick up and her whole body would become rigid and my heart would just melt from all the innocence. (Of course now that’s something that has changed)

I sat for what seemed like a few minutes, but turned out to be an hour, watching her sleep. As creepy as that sounds, I had never had to care for such tiny being before, so helpless in all her fuzzy black fur. She was a rescue kitten that was thrown out of a moving car, because the world is full of sick people. It just made us love her more.

I think her fear of the world brought out the parents in us and I got to see a side to my husband that I’ve only ever caught a glimpse of. I even overheard him once telling her that he loved her, all my insides soon turned to mush. We were like two kids on Christmas morning, we’d rush down the stairs every morning to check on our new kitten. Yes, we’re that sad.

Her marbles-sized eyes followed me wherever I went and being so young and away from her mum she’d fall asleep suckling my clothes, it was endearing to say the least.

These hilariously incessant and quite involuntary spasms would wrack her little chest and so we named her;


and these are her Kitten Soft months.

1213141516171819202122232526And as I read through this, I suddenly realise; Yes, we are those crazy cat people that we said we’d never be. O_o


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