Upcycled Raised Beds

Yay. Happy me.

Growing things is something I love to do, especially when you get to reap the benefit from your hard work and patience. The summer months always bring me such joy when I see my lavender flowers blooming their beautiful purple and the dark green leaves of my tomato plants working extra hard and getting so strong and prickly. My heart skips a little beat to see the heads of our dill weed poke through the nearly over-watered soil, my poor husband is a little obsessed with the dill.

So when we moved into our new home together, I knew I’d be leaving the raised beds my dad had made me, which to be perfectly honest scared me a little. I had potted quite a few of my most beloved plants but really did hate not being able to let them set down their roots.

So finally, after 10 months of being married, it finally felt like we were home, for now. Elvis built this uber cool raised bed for me from old pallets and it’s funny how a simple gesture can make your heart sing.

Happiness is many things but to me it’s always simple…

DSC_0041-001 DSC_0042-001 DSC_0048-001 DSC_0049-001 DSC_0050-001 DSC_0054-002 DSC_0055-001 DSC_0061-001


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