I had the absolute pleasure of photographing a few Communions a couple of weeks ago.

I walked into the church on a cloudy May day and was greeted by a buzzing happiness. The atmosphere was alight with excitement, the kind that envelopes you and persuades you to smile. It was the most intoxicating hype. The air was warm with all the bustling of parents trying to get to their kids or hoping to squeeze past their neighbor to take a photograph.

The girls glided along like little Princesses in their flowing white frocks and the boys were as charming as ever in their handsome blazers. They glowed with feverish excitement and it was palpable.

I’ve met some of the Nicest people all the while doing what I love to do. It was amazing to witness. I hope these photographs do them justice.

11 25 33 151Β 74 53
77 DSC_0298 DSC_0312



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