DIY – Water Coloured Mugs

My cool friend, Claudia, sent me this link around Christmas and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since. Amazing, right? It’s a craze that has taken the internet, one mug at a time.

If you have nail polish (or ‘find’ some lying around the house;), if you spot a white mug that looks like he needs a little cheering up, if it’s a sleepy Sunday and you just want something to do then TRY THIS. If nothing else, it’s FUN.

(I liked this tutorial the best, but of course there are dozens of them on

My obsession with creating things is nearly as outrageous as my crazy craft hoard in the spare room. From ribbons to material to feathers found on the beach to dried flowers (from nearly 10 years ago). So of course I had a plain white mug in there. I also found teacups and saucers that I had thrifted from a charity shop before our wedding and thought I’d give them a go too.

Just a few tips if you do try this:

  1. It can get a little messy, so make sure you have nail polish remover. (It helps if you’re clumsy like me)
  2. Work fast. Once the nail polish is in the water, it dries quite quickly (I learnt through trial and error)
  3. Metallic Nail Polish = not so good. I tried it and it was the fasted drying and impossibly sticky
  4. Do one Mug/teacup at a time.
  5. Open the windows
  6. Have ♥FUN♥

Teacup 7 wm

Close up of water mug wmMug coloured wmColoured mug wmwm mugWater wmMug wm   Toothpicks wmItems needed wm-001Nail polish wm-001Nail polish in water wm

mistake wm
Mistakes happen and using more than one colour can be difficult. I’d recommend using one colour to start off with.

Teacup 2 wm

Teacup 1wmTeacup 3 wmTeacup 4 wmTeacup 5 wmTeacup 6 wm

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to see your creations.



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