Morning Markets with a slice of Baking (on the side)

DSC_0071We started off Good Friday with a stroll, coffees in hand, through the Market in Clonakilty. It was a little blustery and a little cold as it is in April but then the glorious sun shone for us, which was a great treat.

A little stall tucked into a corner of the market spewed lines of patiently waiting people. People who had flocked toward a pungent aroma that had crept toward them. The smell of fresh coffee escaped little paper cups everywhere and stole across cemented car-park’s and stone buildings. Crisp morning air does that, doesn’t it. It can take a smell and intensify it a hundred times over.

What amazes me the most however, is how the sight of homemade potatoe crisps can draw a man. In the blink of an eye he was standing, heavy-footed, in front of a man frying these thinly sliced potatoes, wide-eyed and gaping like a hungry child. So, in keeping with our healthy lifestyle, ha, we got some and they were pretty tasty.

Loaves of fresh bread piled high and the neatly stacked vegetables looked proud as they sat in their stalls. It’s always such a relaxing, laid back atmosphere at a market.

We met our friend, Orela and her baby, Jasper the Labrador. He may be handsome but man is he strong. He had dragged us along loving all the new smells around him.


Tired after our little stroll, I decided I’d bake…

Now, if you know me you’ll know that I’ll bake when I’m happy, I’ll bake when I’m sad but most of all, I’ll bake ALL the time. And if I’m not baking then something’s wrong (or we’ve run out of flour).

Easter Cupcakes

So because it’s Easter I decided I’d make a Marble cake (and cupcakes).

It’s a cake my grandmother would always make and make so well.

Iced marble cake

          Read my next blog post for the full recipe.


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