Just a little Review

Have you ever been under pressure to buy an item of clothing for an event or even just a night out? Did you leave it to the last minute and suddenly looked around your cupboard and thought, ‘I have Nothing to wear’?

Well, for me this is a regular occurrence. I find shopping for myself so stressful. There’s a certain pressure that emanates from the clothes, each screaming for my attention. The air becomes hot, sticky even, and little beads of sweat begin to form on my brow. Suddenly, the eyes of strangers become so judgmental that all I want to do is run away. That’s what nearly happened last weekend until I walked out of a shop happier than when I walked in.

I hardly ever go into town on a Saturday morning so little did I know that most retailers don’t open until 10am. Small towns in West Cork = uber laid back, who would have thought. But to my surprise, we found a shop that opened just before 10.

We walked through a beautiful peacock green door and found ourselves greeted with a cheery smile and music tickling our ears.Relief washed over me. In 10 minutes we had found, tried on and bought a dress. The fastest transaction I’ve ever had when it comes to clothes. And completely affordable. What more could you want.

Ladies, if you’re in West Cork and are looking for something to wear go to Alma. You really do leave feeling as happy as ever. It’s not everyday you meet friendly, helpful people.

Give the shop a like or definitely go in, it’s well worth it – https://www.facebook.com/AlmaSkibbereen/timeline


downloadGreat customer service



The little kitty in the corner was so insistent on being featured.
                                            The Beautiful dress I picked up. LOVE

DSC_0026-001 DSC_0025-001 DSC_0023-001 DSC_0022-001


2 thoughts on “Just a little Review

    1. Ha, my shopping allergies, that’s what I should have called it. You know what, I just might 😛 heels here I come :O

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