A Weekend Wedding

So first of all, I hope my silence on here wasn’t too obvious. Yes yes, I am that weirdo that starts a blog And a Facebook Page and disappears 😦 Sorry…

But, in my defense I really do have such a good excuse. Read on, you’ll see…

Our friends Mary Kate and Kevin got married this weekend and they had asked us to do the Videography for the wedding. I’ve dedicated this post to them.

So when Saturday morning arrived with big bursts of icy showers and strong gusts of wind I couldn’t help but think, ‘this is so typical, the weather is pulling a tantrum, bellowing for attention. Not selfish at ALL!’. Now, If you’re Irish you just know how common, not to mention annoying this is. (We obviously need to have a word with the rain god)

We packed half our house into a van and trundled off, both ticking off mental lists of things we’d hopefully not forgotten. The cat, unfortunately, hadn’t made the list. (One surely would have assumed we were going for 3 weeks and not just a day).

As we made our trek toward Bantry, shards of beautiful sunlight pierced through dark clouds. I took it as a sign, our every living day will bring with it ups and downs, but there’s always a silver lining, we’ve just to look.

We arrived at the church before any of the guests to set up the cameras and test the light.

I stood in the nearly empty Church, a florist buzzing madly while he arranged and rearranged flowers that were already beautiful. His buzzing was contagious, it was in the pit of my belly and as I glanced over at my husband I realised it must have caught on to him too as he zipped around the pews with the go-pros and no-pros (these cameras that are like go-pros but not) he was a man on a mission but he would never admit to it. The tension in that Church was almost tangible, thick like molasses, we wanted it to be perfect.

I looked down the aisle towards the entrance and I thought of my own wedding and how nervous I was. Soon it would be my friend gliding down that narrow strip towards the love of her life. Yes, ok fine you got me, I was also thinking, ‘don’t mess up, Don’t Mess Up!!!’

We waited with bated breath for her to arrive. And of course she did glide down that aisle after her beautiful bridesmaids all dressed in blue. She never looked more relaxed than that moment she laid eyes on him.

I watched the day unfold through the lens of my camera and felt like I was on a cloud high above everyone. Time slipped away from me and before I knew what was happening, they kissed, the crowed cheered and it was done. It was surreal to film.



It is a perfect feeling to see people happy.


Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. – Henry Van Dyke


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