Sun, Glorious Sun

Today the sun shone so strongly I felt as if it would burn away all the cobwebs of winter.

Ok, so maybe not the literal ones, they’re still there unfortunately but that’s a story for another day. What it did do is send us adventuring.

My younger brother rang me, much to early in the morning, and decided that we’d be going for a walk up Lough Hyne. He’s annoyingly persistent  and I am notoriously lazy. So in the end he persuaded me, and Casper – the poor dog who got dragged up a hill, to soak in the Glorious morning heat. And this is our little morning adventure….

The view from the very top – the summit of Knockomagh Hill. The beautiful hazy landscape was really the best reward after the trek up. (Which, to be honest I didn’t think I’d make)

Lough Hyne is one of the most important marine habitats in Europe and was made Ireland’s first Marine Nature Conservation Reserve. Such a lot of history and interesting facts about a place that you’d visit so often.

We were just saying how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place and sometimes, in the depths of winter, we forget just that. But today definitely reminded me to eat well, smile a lot and photograph everyday because life is too short.

 Keep enjoying the sunshine X

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one out of breath. Casper needed a whole 10 minute recuperation. Bless
The selfie-kings at it again. These two seem to love photographs and I’m pretty sure their faces clog many a news feed.
‘OH MY GAWD”, they brought me ALL the way up here with NO WATER or ice-cream? Aghhh” – and that, folks, is exactly what he would say if he could talk.


My favorite photo of them ‘not posing’!
The mystical light that filters through the trees is just amazing. And what about (the over) 50 shades of green going on. Just amazing!
Light plays such a huge part in uplifting the spirits. And of course lets us take good photographs. 😉
My handsome brother.

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